Welcome Staff

Dear Teachers,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year at Ivy Hawn Charter School of the Arts. We have had five wonderful & highly successful years. We expect 2016-2017 to be even better!

The high quality of our programs, climate & student achievement were due to the efforts of an outstanding faculty & staff who lived the Ivy Hawn Way every day.

β€œI will do my best every day.

I will treat others with respect.

I will take responsibility for my words, choices and actions.”

Last year after adding 400 new students, we began a collaborative analysis of what needed to change. Most of those recommended changes have been put in place and provide exciting opportunities for new and increased success for students in academics and the arts. Additionally, we streamlined operational procedures & processes for our faculty & staff.

I am so pleased to be the Principal of Ivy Hawn and so excited about what we will do together in 2016-2017. Ivy Hawn is a special place where the adults support one simple mission: β€œTo foster intelligence, individuality and artistry for a lifetime.” As the Principal of this K-8 School, I feel that my main responsibility is to ensure that our staff, policies, and organization produce successful students in all walks of life. College & career readiness skills must be part of what we provide in 2016-2017.

This year we will continue the tradition of excellence and broaden & deepen its meaning in all that we do. I encourage you to remember that the career you have chosen provides the best hope there is for influencing the future of our world.

Have a great year,

Kelly Conway