January 8-12, 2018

TeacherCrystal Cornelius
Subject AreaComprehensive Science III
Grade Level8
Week #20
Unit of InstructionThe Universe-The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Standard(s) Taught

Identify and compare characteristics of the electromagnetic spectrum such as wavelength, frequency, use, and hazards and recognize its application to an understanding of planetary images and satellite photographs.

Assess how technology is essential to science for such purposes as access to outer space and other remote locations, sample collection, measurement, data collection and storage, computation, and communication of information.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:
– identify the electromagnetic waves from the Sun, such as:
– infrared, visible light and ultraviolet
– sequence the order of frequencies and wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum (radio to gamma)
– identify common uses and applications of electromagnetic waves, such as:
– Satellite photographs, microscopes, laser devices, etc.
– discuss the importance of technology in studying various aspects of space

Classroom Activities
Assignments Due
Additional Resources