Week 1.2: 8/21-8/25

TeacherKirsten Kiwior
Subject AreaEnglish Language Arts
Grade Level8th
Week #1.2
Unit of InstructionCulture and Belonging
Standard(s) Taught

8.RL.1.1 – Cite textual evidence
8.RL.1.2 – Determine a theme or central idea; summarize
8.RL.1.3 – Analyze how dialogue propels action and reveals character
8.RL.2.4 – Analyze the impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone
8.W.3.4 – Write routinely over extended time frames

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  1. To understand and comprehend literature.
  2. To analyze the development of a story’s plot structure.
  3. To make inferences and support them with evidence.
  4. To make predictions based on text evidence.
  5. To understand and apply the rules of sentence structure to create simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.
  6. To work together effectively within a group.
  7. To build silent reading stamina.
  8. To discuss and debate as a group.
Classroom Activities

“Golden Glass” – p.3-8 in Close Reader Workbook
Clauses & Types of Sentences presentation and activities
Plot Structure presentation and notes
Begin reading “My Favorite Chaperone” aloud in textbook while noting cultural differences between Maya’s culture and American culture.

Assignments Due

“Golden Glass” questions on p. 3-8 in Close Reader Workbook
Clauses & Sentence Structure packet

Additional Resources