Q2W5: November 11 – November 15, 2019

TeacherJamie Newcomb
Subject AreaComprehensive Science 3
Grade Level8
Week #14
Unit of InstructionProperties of Matter
Standard(s) Taught

Classify and compare substances on the basis of characteristic
physical properties that can be demonstrated or measured; for
example, density, thermal or electrical conductivity, solubility,
magnetic properties, melting and boiling points, and know that
these properties are independent of the amount of the sample.

Differentiate between physical and chemical properties and
physical and chemical changes of matter.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:
• classify substances based on their physical properties, including:
 thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, solubility, magnetism,
melting and boiling points, volume, and density
• investigate to explain how the physical properties of matter are independent of
the amount sampled, such as: density and conductivity

  • calculate the density, mass or volume of solids, liquids and gases using the
    formula Density = mass ÷ volume
  • measure the mass and volume of solids, liquids and gases
    • sequence various substances in order of increasing or decreasing density
  • differentiate physical and chemical changes in matter
    • cite examples of physical and chemical changes in matter


Classroom Activities
Assignments Due

Please see Gradebook.

Additional Resources

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