Quarter 1, Week 4

TeacherElizabeth Savory
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level8th
Week #4
Unit of InstructionCulture and Belonging
Standard(s) Taught

8.RI.1.1      Cite textual evidence.

8.RI.1.2      Determine a central idea and analyze its development, including its relationship to supporting ideas.

8.RI.1.3      Analyze how a text makes connections among ideas or events.

8.RI.2.4      Determine the meaning of words and phrases.

8.RI.2.5      Analyze structure.

8.RI.2.6      Determine an author’s point of view or purpose.  

8.L.1.1a      Explain the function of verbals (participles)

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

To determine an author’s point of view or purpose

To analyze elements of a personal essay

To determine factors that influence immigration

To identify participles and imperative verbs

Classroom Activities

Define vocabulary using base words and prefixes

Discuss factors that lead to immigration to the US from Haiti after watching background video

Record author’s attitudes towards Haiti and New York with evidence and inferences

Popcorn reading ‘Bonne Annee’ as a class

Silent independent reading

Class discussion of essay and questions

Assignments Due

Bonne Annee quiz

Additional Resources

Power Point

‘Bonne Annee’ Collections text

A Brief History of Haiti, CBS video clip