Quarter 2, Week 8

TeacherElizabeth Savory
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level8th
Week #12/4/2017-12/8/2017
Unit of InstructionInformative Writing, A Christmas Carol
Standard(s) Taught

LAFS.8.W.1.2 Write informative/explanatory text to examine a topic

LAFS.8.W.3.7 Conduct short research projects

LAFS.8.W.3.8 Gather information from multiple print and digital sources

LAFS.8.W.3.9 Draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research

LAFS.8.L.3.6 Acquire and use general academic and domain-specific words and phrases

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • To write an effective conclusion
  • To write an informative essay, final draft
  • To develop background info on Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol
  • To understand character
  • To develop vocabulary
Classroom Activities

Annotating model paragraph and creating conclusion toolkit

Shared writing conclusion: Robots

Independent writing conclusion: student-chosen topics

Type, edit, and submit final draft of essay on VPortal

Charles Dickens KWL chart and introduction video

Charles Dickens biography timeline

A Christmas Carol Stave I vocabulary crossword

Read Stave I and discuss as a class


Assignments Due

School Service Reflection

Book report

Informative Essay final draft

A Christmas Carol Crossword and Timeline

Additional Resources

Power Point

VPortal to type essays

A Christmas Carol books

Charles Dickens BBC video

Charles Dickens biography