Q4, W6

TeacherElizabeth Savory
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level8th
Week #4/29/2019-5/3/2019
Unit of InstructionFSA Review
Standard(s) Taught

Review of Reading Standards for Literature and Informational Texts


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

To review reading strategies and standards for FSA reading

To edit and improve scary stories

Classroom Activities

bell-ringers: grammar review

silent reading

Tackling the Text modeling & whole-class practice

FSA practice test and review

Ready Florida workbook lesson 4 (TBD) guided and independent practice


Scary story editing and peer revision

Assignments Due

FSA practice activities and questions

FSA practice test answer sheet

Scary story final drafts

Additional Resources

Power Point

FSA practice test

FSA tackling the text practice resources

  • The Tale of Dory and Madonna
  • Bird Songs
  • Ain’t I a Woman
  • Grand Canyon Speech

Grade 8 mini-assessment: The Open Boat