Week of: 1/15/18

TeacherKristen Smith
Subject AreaAdvanced U.S. History/Career Planning
Grade Level8th
Week #1/15/18-1/19/18
Unit of InstructionForming a Government
Standard(s) Taught

SS.8.A.3.10- Examine the course and consequences of the Constitutional Convention.

SS.8.A.3.11- Analyze support and opposition (Federalists, Federalist Papers, Anti-Federalists, Bill of Rights) to ratification of the U.S. Constitution. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students Goals:

  • Compare and evaluate the positions Federalists and Anti-Federalists held on the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Understand how the promise to include the Bill of Rights encouraged states to support the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Analyze challenges that led to the Great Compromise, the Three Fifths Compromise, and tension between state vs. federal powers.
Classroom Activities

Students will discuss the differences between Federalists and Anti-Federalists. 

They will go through a power point and take notes in their notebooks. 

Assignments Due
Additional Resources