Week of: 5/14/18

TeacherKristen Smith
Subject AreaAdvanced U.S. History/Career Planning
Grade Level8th Grade
Week #5/14/18-5/18/18
Unit of InstructionCivil War/ Reconstruction
Standard(s) Taught

SS.8.A.4.3- Examine the experiences and perspectives of significant individuals and groups during this era of American History.

SS.8.A.5.7- Examine key events and peoples in Florida history as each impacts this era of American history. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Student Goals: 

To explain or have the ability to discuss topics on: slavery, influential planters, Florida’s secession and Confederate membership, women, children, pioneer environment, Union occupation, Battle of Olustee and role of 54th Massachusetts regiment, Battle at Natural Bridge.

Classroom Activities

Students will continue to turn in their Civil War projects. 

Students will analyze historical documents and use higher level thinking to answer questions about the Civil War.

Students will read, write and work in their reflections booklet. 

*Next week we will review and have our EOC*

Assignments Due

Reflections Pages 307-309

Civil War Projects 

Additional Resources

ALL IEP and ESOL accommodations will be provided daily.

When a student is absent, it is their responsibility to check the absent files in class and copy notes from a peer.  Students will have the number of days absent to complete missing work.  If you need any assignments emailed, please contact me at smithk@ivyhawnschool.org. 

Please check remind for weekly updates. Class code: @ih8us