Quarter 3, Week 4: January 29th – February 2nd

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TeacherFelicia Taylor
Subject AreaIntensive Math
Grade Level8th
Week #22
Unit of Instruction4: Statistics
Standard(s) Taught


Construct and interpret scatter plots for bivariate measurement data to investigate patterns of association between two quantities. Describe patterns such as clustering, outliers, positive or negative association, linear association, and nonlinear association.


Know that straight lines are widely used to model relationships between two quantitative variables. For scatter plots that suggest a linear association, informally fit a straight line, and informally assess the model fit by judging the closeness of the data points to the line.


Use the equation of a linear model to solve problems in the context of bivariate measurement data, interpreting the slope and intercept.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

I can…

  • Investigate patterns of association in bivariate data
Classroom Activities


  • kahoot! – Scatter plots
  • IXL
    • CC.14 – Scatter plots
    • DD.8 – Outliers in scatter plots

Wednesday (Early Release Day – Short Class Period)


  • kahoot!  – Scatter plots
  • IXL
    • DD.9 Scatter plots:  line of best fit


  • kahoot! – rate of change 
  • IXL
    • Z.5 Constant rate of change
    • Z.12 Write linear functions (word problems)
Assignments Due





  1. CC.14 Scatter plots -due Monday, January 29th
  2. DD.8 Outliers in scatter plots – due Monday, January 29th
  3. DD.9 Scatter plots:  line of best fit – due Wednesday, January 31st
  4. Z.5 Constant rate of change – due Thursday, February 1st
  5. Z.12 Write linear functions: word problems – due Thursday, February 1st
Additional Resources