Q1, Wk2

TeacherAndrew Wilson
Subject AreaUS History
Grade Level8
Week #2
Unit of InstructionHistory
Standard(s) Taught

Identify, within both primary and secondary sources, the author, audience, format, and purpose of significant historical documents.

Differentiate fact from opinion, utilize appropriate historical research and fiction/nonfiction support materials.

Provide supporting details for an answer from text, interview for oral history, check validity of information from research/text, and identify strong vs. weak arguments.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

-Students will be able to differentiate primary and secondary sources

-Students will be able to use primary and secondary sources to make judgments about what happened. 

Classroom Activities

Monday/Tuesday: Students will learn about primary and secondary sources and how to analyze them. They will then look through various sources about a lunchroom fight to determine who was at fault. 

Wednesday: Students will make a timeline of the events during the Washington presidency. 

Thursday/Friday: Students will complete book-work about geography. 

Assignments Due

Lunchroom Fight WS- done in class. 

Additional Resources

´Primary Source – a source from someone who was at the event being studied

´Secondary Source- a source created after the event by someone who was not there

5 Ws- Who created it? Why was it created? When was it created? Where was it created? What is it about?