2/5/18-2/9/18 TV Production

TeacherZachary Grooten
Subject AreaTV Production
Grade Level8th
Week #2/5/18-2/9/18
Unit of InstructionFilming Action and Movement & Cutting on Action
Standard(s) Taught

Action Project

Cutting on Action

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

·         Write a short film (between 1 and 3 minutes) that tells a complete story using only actions, no dialogue.

·         Storyboard the short film, including a floorplan that diagrams every action.

·         Make a shot list/shooting schedule that accounts for all of the camera set ups and puts them in the most efficient shooting order.

·         Cut between two clips featuring the same action filmed from different angles to create the illusion of continuity between different angles.

·         Use L-cuts and J-cuts to hide inconsistencies and to influence audience identification with a particular character.

·         Use a variety of angles to create a dynamic pace to the short film.

Classroom Activities




Group 1: Filming Action Project in classroom

Group 1: Editing Action Project

Group 1: Editing Action Project


Group 2: Editing Conversation Project, finishing Pre-Production on Action Project


Group 2: Finishing Pre-production on Action Project

Group 2: Filming Action Project in classroom.

Assignments Due

Final cut of Conversation Project

Pre-Production for Action Project

Additional Resources

Adobe Premiere Pro

Sony Handycams