Q1 Wk 1-3 Aug 13 – 31

TeacherBrittnee Zeak
Subject AreaMath
Grade Level5
Week #1-2
Unit of InstructionNumber and Operations in Base Ten and Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Standard(s) Taught
  1. MAFS.5.NBT.2.5 : Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  1. Students will:
    •  recall basic multiplication facts. (This is a 3rd grade skill.)
    • describe and demonstrate how the standard algorithm relates to multiplication strategies (i.e. place value and the properties of operations, area model, array, compatible numbers, decomposition).
Classroom Activities


  1. Multiplication Drill on digits 2-12
  2. Reviewing Homework and Routines
  3. 5th Grade Diagnostic on First Qtr Standards (no grade)
  4. Logging onto IXL and using Lessons A.1/B.1/C.1
  5. Reviewing Reducing Fractions
  6. Reviewing Expanded Notation with Whole Numbers
Assignments Due
Assignments / Due Date
  • Weekly Homework Sheet / Friday 
  • Multiplication Speed Bee / Friday  
  • 5th grade diagnostic test / Wednesday
  • IXL – A.1/B.1/C.1 / Centers all week
  • Multiplication Facts / All week 
Additional Resources


  • Students can log in at home with their username and password
  • Username: 1XXXX (alpha code)
  • Password:  mmddyyyy (birthdate)