Q1 – August 12th – August 27th: Introduction 3rd-5th

TeacherMichael Feinman
Subject AreaPhysical Education
Grade Level3-5
Week #Q1 - August 12th - August 27th
Unit of InstructionP.E. Rules and Procedures
Standard(s) Taught

PE.3.R.5.3: Identify ways to take responsibility for his/her own behavior

PE.4.R.5.2: List ways to encourage others while refraining from negative/insulting statements

PE.5.R.5.1: Describe a benefit of working productively with a partner to improve performance

PE.5.R.6.3: Explain ways to celebrate one’s own physical accomplishments while displaying sportsmanship

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will understand the rules and expectations of class.

Students will learn warm-up exercises.

Students will know how to line up in their groups.

Classroom Activities


Class Rules: Be respectful to yourself and others, Be accountable for actions you choose and Be responsible when handling equipment

Pick Teams, Create Team Name and Go Over the Husky Challenge

Warm-up Exercises: Kick Backs, High Knees, Frog Jump, Skip, Karaoke Side Shuffle

Line up with your team

Assignments Due

Please remember to always bring a clear container of water.

You can bring a hat and sunglasses for outdoor activities.

Please wear sneakers. Open toed and heeled shoes are not safe for physical activity.

Take 5 minutes to practice our exercises when you are at home.

Assessment: Be able to do the warm-up exercises by the end of the quarter. 

Additional Resources