Q1.5 – August 28th – October 2nd: Exercise Centers 2nd-3rd

TeacherMichael Feinman
Subject AreaPhysical Education
Grade Level2-3
Week #Q1 - August 28th - October 2nd
Unit of InstructionExercise and Importance of Hydration
Standard(s) Taught

PE.2.C.2.2: Identify safety rules and procedures for selected physical activity.

PE.3.M.1.12: Continuously jump a self-turned rope. 

PE.3.C.2.1: Identify the importance of purposeful movement and its impact on quality performance.

PE.3.C.2.2: Understand the importance of safety rules and procedures in all physical activities.

PE.3.C.2.5: Explain how appropriate practice improves performance of movement skills.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will learn the importance of being hydrated while being physically active.

Students will know why exercise is important.

Students will understand spatial awareness and proper technique to perform exercises in a safe way. 

Classroom Activities

Warm Up Exercises in our teams: Kick Backs, High Knees, Bunny Hop (2nd Grade)/Frog Jump (3rd Grade), Skip, Side Shuffle (2nd Grade)/Karaoke (3rd Grade). 

Exercise Centers: 2 minute rotation stations with your teams. Water after racing station.

Day 1,3 and 5: Push-ups, Jump Rope and Crab Walk Races. 

Day 2, 4 and 6: Push-ups, Hula Hoop and Bear Crawl Races. 

Discussion Questions: Why is being Hydrated Important? (Ex: Regulates body temperature to not get over heated.) What are ways to practice safety during exercise? What are the benefits of exercising? 

Assignments Due

Don’t forget to bring water bottles and wear sneakers.

Take 5 minutes to practice our exercises when you are at home.

Exercises are on our website: https://ivyhawnhuskype.weebly.com/

Assessment: Give 1 reason on the importance of staying hydrated during physical activity. Perform all 5 exercises and create space from your teammates.

Additional Resources