Q2 – October 3rd – November 6th: Football 2nd-3rd

TeacherMichael Feinman
Subject AreaPhysical Education
Grade Level2-3
Week #October 3rd - November 6th
Unit of InstructionFootball
Standard(s) Taught

PE.2.M.1.7: Move in different directions to catch a variety of objects softly tossed by a stationary partner.

PE.2.M.1.8: Demonstrate an overhand throwing motion for distance demonstrating correct technique and accuracy. 

PE.2.M.1.12: Chase, Flee and Dodge to avoid or catch others while maneuvering around obstacles.

PE.2.C.2.9: Define Offense and Defense. 

PE.3.M.1.7: Move in different directions to catch objects of different sizes and weights thrown by a stationary partner.

PE.3.M.1.8: Throw balls of various sizes and weights to a stationary partner using a correct overhand motion.

PE.3.C.2.8: Describe basic offensive and defensive tactics.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will recognize the difference between offense and defense.

Students will learn how to throw a football using a proper overhand technique. 

Students will be able to hand off and receive a hand off while using a football. 

Classroom Activities

Q2 warm-up exercises: (2nd – 3 Push-ups, Hop, Skip and Side Shuffle.) (3rd – 3 Push-ups, Frog Jump, Skip and Karaoke.)

Day 1,2 and 3: Play the running back game.

Day 4,5 and 6: Learn how to throw a football using proper technique. (Fingers on laces, Step with your opposite foot and Use an overhand motion.)

Discussion Questions: What is offense and defense? What are the 3 steps on how to throw a football? How do you give and receive a hand-off? 

Assignments Due

Don’t forget to bring water bottles and wear sneakers. 

Take 5 minutes to practice our exercises when you are at home. 

Exercises are on our website: https://ivyhawnhuskype.weebly.com/

Assessment: Perform the Q2 Exercises. Recognize the difference between offense and defense. Know how to throw a football properly. Be able to give and receive a hand-off. 

Additional Resources