3.1 Q2W12 3rd – 5th

TeacherGregory Bigham
Subject AreaElementary P.E.
Grade Level3 - 5
Week #10/30 - 11/3
Unit of InstructionInside Kickball
Standard(s) Taught

Understand the importance of purposeful movement in a variety of movement settings.  Compare and discuss skills/sports that use similar movement patterns.  Run and hurdle a succession of low- to medium-level obstacles.  Strike a moving object using body parts so that the object travels in the intended direction at the desired height.  Throw a leading pass overhand to a moving partner using a variety of objects.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will play an inside version of kickball that helps develop skills that will help them learn to skills required to play outside kickball, in a more controlled setting. Situational awareness, teamwork and underhand/overhand throwing are some of the skills practiced in this game.

Classroom Activities

Warm up jog

Stretching routine

Play “Inside Kickball”

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

Large Vault Mat

2 small fold out mats

gatorskin ball

poly spots