2.7 Q1W10 3rd – 5th

TeacherGregory Bigham
Subject AreaElementary P.E.
Grade Level3 - 5
Week #10
Unit of InstructionHula Huts Knockdown
Standard(s) Taught

Understand the importance of safety rules and procedures in all physical activities, especially those that are high risk.  Identify several activities related to each component of physical fitness.  Apply movement concepts to the performance of locomotor skills in a variety of movement settings.  Throw balls of various sizes and weights to a stationary partner using a correct overhand motion.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will use their hula hut building skills they learned in the previous lesson to build hula huts while other students throw gator skin balls from a distance to try and knock the huts down.  Other students will act as guards to try to protect the huts.  Students will rotate through the three different jobs; Builder, Guard, Destroyer.

Classroom Activities

Hula Hut Knockdown game.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

Hula hoops,place mats