1.6 Q1W3 K – 2

TeacherGregory Bigham
Subject AreaElementary P.E.
Grade LevelK - 2
Week #3
Unit of InstructionIntroduction of warm up activity games
Standard(s) Taught

Discuss safety issues related to the warm up game

Discuss strategies/tactics

Exhibit positive personal behavior

Demonstrate fleeing/dodging understanding

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will be introduced to the game “Bump”, which will be primarily be used as a warm up activity throughout the school year. ┬áStudents will learn the movement concepts of fleeing/dodging in order to be successful in the game while demonstrating the ability to respect personal space and follow safety procedures for P.E.

Classroom Activities

Stretching Routine

Warm up with the song “listen and move”

Play “Bump”

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

Ipad/sound system