Q1 August 27-Sept 3 2018 (3rd, 4th, and 5th)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade Level3rd, 4th, and 5th
Week #3-4
Unit of InstructionExploring Rhythm
Standard(s) Taught

Creating rhythm patterns that include various rhythms. 

Rearrange rhythmic patterns to create new phrases. 

Compare the use of rhythmic patterns to patterns in math or art. 

Sing using appropriate tone quality, intonation, and diction. 

Play various ostinato accompaniments on various instruments. 

Play instruments using appropriate techniques. 

Reading musical notes and understanding musical terminology. 


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will sing using appropriate tone quality, intonation, and diction. 

Students will be able to read basic rhythms and be able to compose their own rhythms for the class to perform. 

Students will perform on instruments using the proper playing technique. 

Students will learn a patriotic song and the sign language that goes along with the piece. 

Students will begin to learn the notes of the Treble Clef and show their knowledge with a Treble Clef music game. 

Students will learn a basic xylophone song with melody and accompaniment. 

Classroom Activities

Welcome and vocal warm-up 

  • Solfege 
  • Appropriate singing techniques

America the Beautiful (3rd grade – possibly 4th and 5th) 

  • Go over the lyrics, listen to the piece
  • Discuss what the song is talking about
  • Talk about sign language and who uses sign language
  • Learn the sign language that goes along with the words 

Reading Rhythms

  • Review basic rhythms (quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, quarter rests, etc.) 
  • Have students define each of the rhythms and how many beats they equal 
  • Time signatures – how many beats per measure
  • Have students play on hand percussion instruments the rhythms written on the board
  • Have students come up and make their own rhythms for the class to play
  • Have other students check each other’s work (music and math!) 
  • Add harder rhythms when class is comfortable with basic rhythm notation (4th and 5th) 

Reading Treble Clef (after class is comfortable/understand rhythms)

  • Define Treble Clef
  • Learn about the terminology of the Treble clef (staff, notes, etc.) 
  • Begin by reviewing/going over the space notes (FACE) 
  • Play Treble Clef naming game
  • Introduce the line notes (EGBDF) 
  • Play Treble Clef naming game with the new notes


  • Go over xylophone spots
  • Go over proper xylophone playing technique 
  • “Hot, Spicy Tacos” 
  • Add accompaniment and ostinatos (4th and 5th) 
  • Begin Balafon or Two Three with classes (4th and 5th) – Hot Marimba Book


Assignments Due

We will be starting recorders the week of Oct. 1st! Be sure to have your recorders by then. Contact Ms. Holvey is you have any purchasing questions. 

Additional Resources