Q1 Sept. 24 – Oct. 12 2018 (3rd, 4th, and 5th)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade Level3rd, 4th, and 5th
Week #7-9
Unit of InstructionExploring Melody and Music Theory
Standard(s) Taught

Perform songs in various forms. 

Perform on mallet instruments. 

Play songs using letter names BAG.

Compose rhythms. 

Sing songs with appropriate tone quality, intonation, and diction. 

Play instruments using appropriate techniques. 

Sing songs with various rhythm patterns. 

Listen and respond to steady beat. 

Perform songs from memory. 

Compare music to patterns in math.

Compare music to the other arts (dance, drama). 

Sing patriotic songs from American culture. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will begin working on and memorizing their Winter Performance pieces.

Students will play on xylophones and recorders with proper playing technique. 

Students will perform America the Beautiful with appropriate singing voice and sign language. 

Students will compose their own rhythms during music centers. 

Student will be able to find and maintain a steady beat. 

Students will read Treble Clef notes while performing on xylophones and/or recorders. 

Students will match pitch. 

Students will understand how music correlates with dance and drama with the Winter Performance. 

Classroom Activities

Welcome, Vocal Warm-up

  • Matching pitch 
  • Singing voice

America the Beautiful with sign language

  • Continue working on piece
  • Discuss history behind piece (Katherine Lee Bates) 
  • Does anyone recognize this song? When do you usually hear it? 
  • Discuss sign language and who uses sign language to communicate

Twinkle Twinkle on Xylophone (Winter Performance 3-5) 

  • Continue working on piece and memorization 
  • Proper playing technique
  • Reading Treble Clef notes 

Winter Performance pieces

  • Pajama Party! 
  • Begin teaching lyrics and start memorization

Recorders (week of Oct. 1st) 

  • Teach/review proper playing technique (left hand on top, how to blow, etc.) 
  • Teach notes BAG 
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Gently Sleep 
  • In the Bleak Midwinter (4th and 5th Winter Performance Piece) Possible for 3rd? 

Music Centers (if needed)

*** Students will rotate between 4 stations and complete work in each station to turn in

  • Reviewing rhythms
  • Composing rhythms 
  • Practicing xylophone pieces or working on recorder (?)
  • Practicing reading Treble Clef 


If time is needed, Beat Buddy Challenge (finding and maintaining a steady beat) 

Assignments Due

Recorders start the week of Oct. 1st! Please bring recorders to music class! If you are having trouble finding a recorder to purchase or have questions, please contact Miss Holvey(holveyc@ivyhawnschool.org) 

Additional Resources