Q1 August 13-24 2018 (3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade Level3rd, 4th, and 5th
Week #1-2
Unit of InstructionWelcome to Music Class
Standard(s) Taught

Sing songs with appropriate tone quality, intonation, and diction.

Listen and respond to a steady beat. 

Play various borduns on instruments.

Play instruments using appropriate techniques. 

Identify an instrument by it’s sound (xylophone, metallophone, and glockenspiel) 

Sing pentatonic songs with pitch syllables. 



Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will understand and be able to demonstrate classroom rules and procedures. 

Students will sing using their singing voices. 

Students will find and maintain a steady beat to a piece of music. 

Students will learn about the instruments in the classroom and how to properly play them (xylophones) 

Students will be able to identify the different types of xylophones in the classroom by their sound.

Students will learn simple borduns to play along with a piece of music. 

Students will learn and demonstrate a solfege vocal warm-up and use the correlating hand symbols. 

Classroom Activities

Welcome to Music Class

Students will learn where their assigned circle spot is and practice going to their spot. 

Go over classroom procedures, rules, and expectations. 

Solfege Vocal Warm-up

  • Go over hand symbols
  • Review solfege
  • Teach warm-up 


  • Students will learn where their assigned xylophone color and spot is
  • Practice walking to their spots
  • Go over how to properly hold the mallets
  • How to play the xylophone
  • Rest position
  • Playing position 

“Listen to the Sounds of the Instruments”

  • Bordun practice
  • Singing voices
  • Proper playing technique on the xylophones
  • Listening and identifying the different instruments 

If time is needed:

Beat Buddy Challenge 

  • Finding and maintaining a steady beat
  • Teamwork 
Assignments Due

Recorders will start the week of October 1st. Please be sure to get your child a recorder for class – they will need it! 

Places you can purchase a recorder: 

The Music Coach

2430 S Volusia Ave, Orange City, FL 32763


Keyword: Recorder Instrument

We will be using the Soprano Recorder for class – You may get different, fun colors if you would like! 

Additional Resources