Q1W3-6 (Kindergarten)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade LevelKindergarten
Week #3-6
Unit of InstructionMusic and Movement
Standard(s) Taught

Say and sing rhythmic patterns accurately with a steady beat.

Sing a song that includes rests.

Imitate peer or teacher keeping steady beat. 

Move to show changes in music.

Demonstrate vocal qualities sing, speak, shout, or whisper. 

Sing with appropriate vocal quality. 

Perform songs, fingerplays, and rhymes to connect with reading, math, science, or social studies. 

Sing songs with loud/soft and fast/slow. 

Perform on instruments with proper technique. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will sing using their singing voice. 

Students will be able to distinguish between singing voice, talking voice, whisper voice, and yelling voice. 

Students will move to show changes in music. 

Students will play on instruments with proper technique. 

Students will sing using solfege and solfege hand symbols (Do, Re, Mi, etc.) 

Students will practice their alphabet and counting while singing. 

Students will keep a steady beat. 


Classroom Activities

Beat Buddy Exercise – keeping a steady beat while listening to a piece of music

Hello There – voice warm-up

Shine, Shine, Shine – singing voice, movement, following directions

Echo the Parrot – singing voice, echo singing, solo singing, matching pitch

ABC Rock – practicing the ABC’s, echo singing, movement

I’m Tall, I’m Small – movement, singing voice, body levels (high/low)

My Pony Macaroni – steady beat, movement

Solfege – echo singing, hand movments, matching pitch

Little David – practicing counting, singing voice, whisper voice, steady beat

A Different Beat – showing changes in music through movement

B-A Bay – singing voice, vowels (AEIOU)

Hands Like This – call and response, movement

Head, Shoulders, Baby – following directions, singing voice, movement, counting skills 

My Head and My Shoulders – singing voice, labeling body parts, movement

Down by the Cool of the Pool – story book, reading, listening, rhythm, adding instruments, singing voice

If more time is needed, Doggy Doggy music game 

Assignments Due


Additional Resources