Q1W7-8 (1st and 2nd Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade Level1st and 2nd Grade
Week #7-8
Unit of InstructionMusic and Movement
Standard(s) Taught

Singing a song that uses singing, whispering, and shouting.

Sing using singing voice.

Sing folk songs from America.

Sing songs and games from different cultures.

Sing songs in various forms.

Perform a body percussion ostinato while singing. 

Identify melodic steps. 

Sing songs with different tempos. 

Move with steady beats that change tempo while listening and singing. 

Reading and writing rhythms. 

Compose rhythmic patterns. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will sing using their singing voices.

Students will perform body percussion. 

Students will come up with their own body percussion composition (2nd grade).

Students will read and compose different rhythmic patterns using quarter notes and eighth notes. 

Students will learn and perform a folk dance. 

Students will maintain a steady beat while listening to a piece of music. 

Students will be able to move to a steady beat while moving around the room and singing. 

Students will be able to identify AB musical form and demonstrate the different forms through movement. 

Classroom Activities

Vocal Warm-up

  • Hello There – echo singing

“Head, Shoulders, Baby”

“This Land is Your Land” (1st grade)

  • Go over lyrics
  • Add motions
  • singing voice

“Goodbye Julie” (1st grade)

  • Go over lyrics
  • Low to high, high to low
  • Add motions
  • Singing voice

“John Kanaka”

  • Go over lyrics
  • Talk about folk dances
  • Teach folk dance after students understand song
  • Perform and sing folk dance

“Down Down Baby”

  • Body percussion, singing voice
  • Have students come up with their own body percussion composition in pairs (2nd grade)

“But the Cat Came Back” (2nd grade)

  • Read song in book (across curriculum)
  • Learn lyrics
  • Identify musical form (AB) 
  • Use different motions to show the different forms

If more time is needed, review rhythms and have students come up with their own rhythms for the class to clap out.

Assignments Due


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