Q2 Nov. 5-16 2018 (Kindergarten and 1st Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade LevelKindergarten and 1st
Week #13-14
Unit of InstructionExploring Tone Color and Performance Assessment
Standard(s) Taught

Sing a song that uses singing, speaking, whispering, and shouting. 

Singing alone and with others using their singing voices. 

Find and maintain a steady beat. 

Compare and contrast different instruments and their sounds. 

Understand the relation between music and the other arts. 

Critiquing performances. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will sing using their proper singing voice. 

Students will continue to memorize their winter performance pieces. 

Students will identify different instruments by their sounds. 

Students will learn and American Folk Dance and perform it in class. 

Students will find and maintain a steady beat.  

Classroom Activities

Vocal Warm-up 

Beat Buddy Exercise

  • Finding and maintaining a steady beat

Song Warm-up

  • Down by the Bay
  • 5 Little Chick-a-dees
  • Great Big House (1st) 

New songs

  • Hello There (Kindergarten) 
  • Little Green Frog (Kindergarten) 
  • Fall is the Season (Kindergarten)
  • Zip-a-de-do-da (Kindergarten and 1st) 
  • Down, Down Baby (1st) 

Winter Performance pieces

  • Memorizing and performing winter performance pieces
  • Critiquing performance 
  • Practicing for rehearsal on the stage

Willowbee (1st grade, possibly kindergarten)

  • American folk dance
  • Teamwork 
  • Movement
  • Finding and maintaining a steady beat

Singing puppets 

  • Identifying loud and soft sounds
  • Singing voices
  • Assessment 
  • “Shorting Bread” – Echo Singing

Review instrument families and identifying instruments by listening

  • Teacher assessment 
  • Listening assessment 

If time is needed, Cut the Cake music game or Doggy Doggy

Assignments Due

Practice your Winter Performance songs! 

Additional Resources