Q2W13-16 (Kindergarten,1st, and 2nd Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade LevelKindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade
Week #13-16
Unit of InstructionMusicality, Movement, Xylophones, Drums
Standard(s) Taught

Maintain a steady beat while singing. 

Sing alone and with others. 

Identify a steady beat in music. 

Sing songs with an open and relaxed head voice and maintain pitch. 

Sing songs in various forms.

Play instruments alone and with others. 

Play songs with various rhythms using quarter notes and eighth notes. 


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will sing using their singing voices. 

Students will be able to find and maintain a steady beat. 

Students will continue to memorize and perform their winter performance pieces.

Students will play the xylophones with the proper playing technique. 

Students will learn two songs on the xylophones that use various rhythms.

Students will be able to perform body percussion and then transfer what they’ve learned onto the xylophones. 

Students will be able to sing a two line solo using “Sol” and “Mi” 

Students will use their listening skills. 

Classroom Activities


Warm-up : Hello There

Beat Buddy Exercise – finding and maintaining a steady beat 

Warm-up songs Kindergarten:

  • My Head and My Shoulders
  • ABC Rock 

Shanghai Chicken (1st and 2nd Grade)

  • Read poem that goes along with song
  • African American folk song
  • Teach lyrics, add movements 

Winter Performance Pieces

  • Out in the Cold
  • Roly Poly Polar Bears
  • The Penguin Ball
  • One Good Tern
  • Seal the Deal

Critiquing performances – students will perform for the “family”   

Students will continue to memorize and practice performing Winter Pieces.

Cookoo, Where Are You? 

  • Solo singing
  • “Sol” “Mi”
  • Listening skills – assessment 


Review and go over proper xylophone behavior and technique 


  • Review book and song
  • Have students perform on instruments 

“Turtle, Turtle Watch Out!” 

  • Book and song

“Taco Song” 

  • Body Percussion 
  • Transfer to instruments 
  • Begin teaching added parts (drums, triangle, etc.) 

“Mary had a Little Lamb”

  • Body Percussion 
  • Transfer to instruments
  • Added parts 


  • Read Llama Llama Mad at Mama
  • Come up with rhythms using body percussion
  • Transfer body percussion to drums and sticks (rotate students between instruments)
  • Go over rules for drums
  • Play Llama rhythms
  • Echo rhythms 

If more time is needed, music game

Assignments Due

Please be practicing your Winter Performance Pieces! 

Additional Resources