Q3 Jan. 22- Feb. 15 2019 (2nd Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade Level2nd Grade
Week #24-27
Unit of InstructionSlurs, Ties, and Musical Form
Standard(s) Taught

Sing with appropriate tone quality – MU.2.C.1.1

Sing a variety of songs and games from different cultures – MU.2.C.1.3 

Move or dance to music from other cultures – MU.2.H.2.1 

Sing songs of various forms – MU.2.S.1.1

Sing with an open, relaxed sound and maintain pitch – MU.2.C.1.1 

Move to show tempo – MU.2.O.1.1 

Perform rhythms from notation – MU.2.C.1.1 

Play and accompaniment while maintaining a steady beat – MU.2.O.1.1

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will sing using their singing voice.

Students will understand the difference between ties and slurs. 

Students will sing songs with ties and slurs. 

Students will learn about the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman. 

Students will sing an African American Spiritual and do an instrumental accompaniment while singing.

Students will find and maintain a steady beat.

Students will read rhythm notation.

Students will learn an American folk dance and perform it.  

Classroom Activities


Vocal Warm-up “Hello There”

Beat Buddy Exercise – finding and maintaining a steady beat while listening to music

Riddle Ree 

  • Body Percussion warm-up 
  • Maintaining a steady beat
  • Moving to a piece of music 
  • Following directions

Black Snake

  • Go over lyrics and music
  • Show music on board
  • “Where are the ties in this piece? Hint: they look like snakes!” 
  • Have students identify the ties
  • “A slur is between two different notes – it tells us to sing or play those notes smoothly. A tie is between two of the same note – we hold it” 
  • Sing Black Snake 

Train is a-comin’ 

  • Listen to song
  • Talk about the Underground Railroad
  • “This song is a secret code!”
  • “Does anyone know who Harriet Tubman is?” 
  • Sing through the song
  • Add instruments
  • Have students practice reading rhythm accompaniments to go along with the song


  • Listen to song
  • “Are we going low to high, or high to low?” 
  • Find the beat 
  • Learn the lyrics
  • Practice singing through the song
  • Learn folk dance that goes with the song – this will help student internalize the beat and rhythm of a piece 

If time is needed, Doggy Doggy music game

Assignments Due


Additional Resources