Q3 March 4- 14 2019 (2nd Grade)

TeacherCatherine Holvey
Subject AreaElementary Music
Grade Level2nd Grade
Week #30-31
Unit of InstructionSteps and Skips
Standard(s) Taught

Sing with an open, relaxed sound and maintain pitch (MU.2.C.1.1)
Sing songs in various forms (MU.2.S.1.1.)
Identify skips, leaps, steps, and related pitches in a song and listening section (MU.2.O.1.2)
Move to show changes in tempo (MU.2.O.3.1)
Sing songs with appropriate dynamics (MU.2.C.1.1)
Play a variety of songs on pitched and non-pitched instruments (MU.2.S.2.1)
Perform songs, fingerplays, or games and notice rhythmic pattern (MU.2.C.1.1)

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will sing using their singing voices.
Students will be able to listen to and identify repeated note patterns, steps, and skips in music.
Students will begin learning their Spring Performance pieces.
Students will find and maintain a steady beat.
Students will listen to a story and compose different sounds on instruments to go with each animal.
Students will echo sing.
Students will play on classroom instruments with proper playing technique.

Students will play an accompaniment ostinato while listening to a song.

Students will discuss folk tales and how music correlates with the stories and history. 

Classroom Activities

Vocal Warm-up “Hello There”

Beat Buddy Exercise
Beat Detective – student finds and maintains the beat for the class

Riddle Ree
Body percussion, vocal warm-up

Down the Ohio
Introduction to repeated note patterns, steps, and skips in music
Singing voices
Listening assessment game

Michael Row the Boat Ashore
Steps and Skips
Finding and maintaining a steady beat
Singing voice
Instrument accompaniment

Some Pets
Read story (across the curriculum activity)
“What instrument sound and rhythm could be for this animal?” “Why?”
Put students in groups to compose their own animal rhythms to perform for the class

Spring Performance pieces
Begin learning songs and motions
Singing voice, memorization

Introduce “A Little Bird”

  • Folk song from Spain
  • “What language do they speak in Spain?” 
  • Go over English version
  • Go over Spanish version
  • Charlie Over the Ocean
    Rhythm game
    Echo singing
    Following directions
    Keeping a steady beat

Introduce “Abby Yo Yo” 

  • African folk story and song
  • Listen to story (watch video) 
  • Learn folk song
  • Xylophone accompaniment (review ostinatos) 

Doggy Doggy Music Game is time is needed

Assignments Due


Additional Resources