Ballet Terminology Study Guide 3rd-5th Grade ONLY

   Ballet Terminology Study Guide


adagio:   Slow Movements.


allegro:  Fast movements.


Battement: Kick


cambré:   “Bending of the Body”


chaînés:   “Linked like a chain”.


changement:    “Changing the feet”.


chassé:   “To chase”


coupé:   “To cut”.


dedans, en:    Inward. “In the pond”


dégagé:   “To disengage”.


dehors, en:  Outward.   “Out the door”


demi:   Half or Small


derrière:   Behind.


devant:   In front.


dèveloppé:   A large, slow leg gesture.


fondu:   “Melted”.


frappé:  “ To Strike. “


glissade:   “Slide or glide”.


grand:   Big or Large


jeté:    A “throwing step” or Jump


pas de chat:    “Step of the cat”.


passé:  To pass.


piqué:   “Pricked”.


Piroutté:  “Whirl or spin”.


plié:   To Bend


promenade:   A slow pivot of the body while standing on one leg.


relevé:  To Rise


reverence: Bow


ronde de jambe:    Round of the Leg.  


Seconde, a la:  second


tendu:   “To Stretch.”