Q1 W1 Welcome to Dance! (1-5)

TeacherBridget Horan
Subject AreaElementary Dance
Grade Level1st-5th
Week #Q1 W1
Unit of InstructionWelcome to Dance! (1-5)
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Getting to know each other
  • Refresh ourselves on the rules of a dance room/dance etiquette.
  • Refresher on how a dance class works. 
  • Discuss the different styles of dance while learning the definition of each style and where it originated from. Examples of each style of dance will be shown through several short videos. 
Classroom Activities
  • Introduce ourselves to one another.
  • Go through the Dance Power Point. Discuss the different styles of dance and watch different dance clips.
  • Freeze Dance: Refresher on how to be aware of the dancers around us and use our space wisely if time allows. 
Assignments Due


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