Brush, L. – Art

Below is a link for those students interested in their artwork being displayed at the Volusia County Fair. There are several categories. If they are interested in the Fine Arts category, the application is on page 67. Please see pages 3 , 4 , 5, 37, and 38 for other important information, including deadlines.


Doodle 4 Google Design Contest
This contest, which is run by Google, encourages students to think critically and creatively about design and express themselves by designing a Google logo based on a specific theme chosen for that year.  Upon this contest making entry forms and templates available, students who would like more information and/or are interested in entering in this contest may see me, or visit

Deland Fall Festival of the Arts
This is a juried art show which is held each year at the Volusia County Thomas C. Kelly Administrative Center located on Indiana Avenue in Downtown Deland during the annual Deland Fall Festival of the Arts show.   K-12 Students from each school within West Volusia County are selected by their art teachers to have their work displayed.  Students whose works are chosen for display may earn cash prizes and ribbons.  If interested in displaying artwork that is made outside of class please see me.