2nd Grade Q2 Wk17-23

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level2
Week #17-23
Unit of InstructionPaper Woven Cuckoo Clock
Standard(s) Taught
I can use art vocabulary to make connections to other subject areas. VA.2.C.3.1
I can use art vocabulary to compare and contrast artwork with everyday objects we use. VA.2.C.3.2
I can find examples of works based on the artists cultural and life experiences. VA.2.H.1.1
I can compare and contrast artworks from different times and cultures. VA.2.H.2.1
I can find connections between creating with art ideas and creating with information from other subject areas. VA.2.H.3.1
I can experiment with tools and techniques to make art. VA.2.S.1.1 
I can use different resources to get inspiration for art. VA.2.S.1.2
I can be inspired by art from different times and cultures. VA.2.S.1.3
I can develop artistic skills by practicing with different materials, techniques, processes, and tools. VA.2.S.2.1 
I can use art materials and techniques to create 2-D and 3-D artwork. VA.2.S.3.1
I can become a better artist by practicing. VA.2.S.3.2 
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
• Today I will learn about PAPER WEAVING, so that I CAN create a 
composition through combining painted paper and strips of construction paper in a woven
• Today I will learn about LINE and SHAPE, so that I CAN cut DIAGONAL and STRAIGHT
LINES for my birdhouse and draw circles and curved lines for my bird.
• Today I will learn about PATTERN, so that I CAN use  repeated elements in my
designs on the background with my own unique print.. I will review AB and ABC patterns from my other classes to help me design an interesting  pattern.
Classroom Activities

Students will introduced to Germany and the history of cuckoo clocks and see some different styles. Next, students will make painted paper for their clock and make it into the loom and weave the structure. They will then make a clock using Roman numerals. They will then paint the background and using cardboard, create a print pattern. Students will assemble their pieces and add the roof, door for their birds, birds, clocks and any details they would like to add. After that they will symmetrically cut a piece of paper for the bottom of their house and add pine cones. Students will share their work on Artsonia.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources