2nd Grade Q1W1-3

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level2
Week #1-3
Unit of InstructionWelcome to the Art Room & Collaborative Flower
Standard(s) Taught
I can make art to communicate my personal interests and express myself. VA.1.C.1.1
I can make good decisions when making art. VA.2.C.2.1 
I can identify different kinds of artworks displayed in the community. VA.2.H.2.3
I can use my imagination to create artwork using my personal ideas and selected materials. VA.2.F.1.1
I can work with others to make art. VA.2.F.3.2 I
I can use what I know about making art to become more creative. VA.2.O.1.1
I can follow safety directions in art class. VA.2.S.3.3 
I can talk about what different works of art might be trying to tell us. VA.2.C.1.2


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Today I will learn about art room rules, procedures and collaboration; in order to be safe and respectful in the classroom. 

Today I will learn about art elements, line and color, to form different lines and use analogous colors so that I can create my part of a collaborative flower to be on display using oil pastels and my imagination.


Classroom Activities

Students will learn about rules and procedures in the art room by playing a game where they have to work as a team to find clues around the classroom that explain where art room items are located and about classroom rules. They will watch a read aloud, “The Dot.” and learn about different types of lines and analogous  colors in order to create their part of a collaborative flower display for the school using oil pastels and their imagination. We will discuss where different artwork is displayed in the community and watch a video about how to look at public art. Students will publish and discuss their work on Artsonia.



Assignments Due
Additional Resources