3rd Grade Q1W5-11

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level3
Week #5-11
Unit of InstructionUnderwater Snorkeling Self-Portrait
Standard(s) Taught
 I can make art to develop ideas to express myself.  VA.3.C.1.1
I can improve my work by comparing it to the techniques used by others.  VA.3.C.2.2
I can improve my work by listening to helpful advice from others.  VA.3.C.2.3
I can critique artwork and understand how it was created.  VA.3.C.3.
I can describe the connections between visual art and other contexts.  VA.3.C.3.2
I can explain the similarities and differences between artworks and everyday objects.  VA.3.C.3.3 
I can examine artworks and everyday objects and describe why they are important in school or the community.  VA.3.H.2.2
I can tell how what I learn in art can help in other subject areas.  VA.3.H.3.1
I can use different materials and subject matters to create imaginative artwork.  VA.3.F.1.1  
I can identify places where artists or designers have made an impact on the community.  VA.3.F.2.1 
I can show how organization and design are used to arrange my artwork.  VA.3.O.1.1
I can use new and creative ideas to complete personal artworks.  VA.3.O.2.1
I can use tools and media to help my artwork send the messages I want it to.  VA.3.S.1.1
I can use different resources for inspiration and to achieve different results.  VA.3.S.1.2
I can use the structure, organization, steps, and techniques of art.  VA.3.S.2.1 
I can follow procedures focusing on the art-making process.  VA.3.S.2.2
I can be aware of copyright laws to show respect for other people’s ideas.  VA.3.S.3.4


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
• Today I will learn about MULTI-MEDIA, so that I CAN use a variety of materials to color in my drawing. I’ll know I have it when I have used TEMPERA PAINT for the large areas and OIL PASTELS for the smaller areas.
•Today I will learn about VALUE and SHAPE, so that I CAN create an underwater scene with small, medium, and/or marine life.
•Today I will learn about SPACE, so that I CAN arrange my objects in the correct order so they OVERLAP. 
Classroom Activities

Students will learn about copyright law and watch a video to explore the coral reef. They will learn ways to show the illusion of space on a 2D surface. They will then draw and paint, as well as use oil pastels to create their Square1 artwork. They may use classroom visuals, the video, or Kindles to aid in inspiration. We will also discuss the similarities and differences between artworks and everyday objects artworks and why they are important in school or the community and explore how artists make an impact on the community. Students will publish and write about their artwork on Artsonia.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources