4th Grade Q1W5-12

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level4
Week #5-12
Unit of InstructionValue Silhouette + Choice Artwork
Standard(s) Taught
I can understand and think about works of art based on what I know and observe.  VA.4.C.1.2 
I can revise my artwork to be sure I followed the directions.  VA.4.C.2.1
I can use accurate art vocabulary when analyzing works of art.  VA.4.C.3.1
I can discuss how analytical skills and thinking strategies are used in art and other subject areas.  VA.4.H.3.1
I can demonstrate development of 21st-century skills by completing art in a timely manner.  VA.4.F.3.3
I can correctly use art vocabulary to discuss works of art and the creative process.  VA.4.S.1.4 
I can identify differences between artworks and utilitarian objects.  VA.4.H.2.2
I can compare the ways artworks and utilitarian objects are created.  VA.4.C.3.2

I can discuss the importance of copyright law in relation to art.  VA.4.S.3.4

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

•Today I will learn about LINE and SHAPE, so that I CAN create a tree LANDSCAPE using ATMOSPHERIC PERSPECTIVE. I’ll know I have it when the trees in the BACKGROUND are the lightest and the trees in the FOREGROUND are the darkest with the most detail.
•Today I will learn about VALUE, so that I CAN make TINTS and SHADES using TEMPERA paint. 
•Today I will learn about SPACE, so that I CAN make shapes OVERLAP, creating a sense of depth in my painting.


Classroom Activities

Students will learn about copyright law and will watch a video to learn about different ways to show space in their artwork. They will learn about value, tints, shades, and atmospheric perspective. Using tempera paint they will create their landscape and silhouettes. They will create a horizon line and have the darkest value hill in the foreground and lightest value tree in the background. Upon completion, they will upload and write about their work on Artsonia. We will also discuss the differences between artwork and utilitarian objects. This artwork is for our Square1 project. Early finishers will have the opportunity to learn about Op art and paint a Flag for the Veterans Performance,  work on our warm/cool color pattern poster to be displayed in our hallway, or free choice centers, which includes things like origami, zentangles, art study cards, or work in their sketchbooks on refining their art skills.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources