Q3W22-31Jan31-Apr8 4th

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level4
Week #22-31
Unit of InstructionThiebaud Cake Sculpture;Artist Study,Form, Texture, Balance, Unity, Repetition
Standard(s) Taught


  • I can identify and practice ways of showing respect for other people’s works of art.  VA.4.H.1.4 
  • I can combine art media with innovative ideas to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional art.  VA.4.F.1.1
  • I can use a variety of resources and art skills to improve my artwork.  VA.4.O.2.1
  • I can use tools and materials to achieve diverse effects in my artwork.  VA.4.S.1.1
  • I can experiment with various materials, tools, techniques, and processes to achieve a variety of results in two- and/or three-dimensional art.  VA.4.S.3.1
  • I can plan, produce, and practice my art.  VA.4.S.3.2
  • I can follow safety rules in art class.  VA.4.S.3.3
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• Today I will learn about BALANCE and FORM so that I CAN create a 3-DIMENSIONAL  cake that  is the same on both sides.
• Today I will learn about POP ARTIST, Wayne Thiebaud, so that I CAN create a cake inspired by his artwork.
• Today I will learn about TEXTURE so that I CAN use JOINT COMPOUND  to give my cake the appearance of having real frosting.

Classroom Activities

Students will learn about  Pop artist, Wayne Thiebaud, and his cheerful paintings of sweets. They will plan their cake slice using a variety of resources, including images and their Kindles. Next, they will use a template and cardboard to create the armature and add joint compound to create the texture of frosting. Students will  paint and have the opportunity to use sprinkles and air dry clay to add to their sculpture. Upon completion, students will upload their artwork to Artsonia, along with an artist statement. 

Assignments Due
Additional Resources