5th Q3 Wk25-39

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level5
Week #25-39
Unit of InstructionPaper Mache' Birds & Artwork Inspired by Spoken Word Assembly
Standard(s) Taught
I can examine and discuss exemplary works of art to evaluate my own artwork.  VA.5.C.1.3
I can use proper, respectful behavior as a member of an art audience.  VA.5.H.1.2
I can identify specific works of art that have importance to specific groups or cultures.  VA.5.H.1.3
I can explain why some artists are highly respected.  VA.5.H.1.4
I can examine and experiment with traditional or non-traditional uses of media to apply imaginative techniques in two- and three-dimensional artworks.  VA.5.F.1.1
I can develop multiple solutions to solve artistic problems and justify personal artistic or aesthetic choices.  VA.5.F.1.2
I can use a variety of sources for ideas to resolve challenges in creating original works.  VA.5.O.2.2
I can use media, technology, and other resources to inspire personal art-making decisions.  VA.5.S.1.2
I can use tools, media, techniques, and processes in a safe and responsible manner.  VA.5.S.3.3
Artwork inspired by spoken word poet
I can create artwork to promote public awareness of community and/or global concerns.

Wk 31

I can use proper, respectful behavior as a member of an art audience.  VA.5.H.1.2

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• Today I will learn about FORM, so that I CAN create a 3 dimensional bird using PAPIER MACHE techniques. I’ll know I have it when all the parts of my bird are attached securely, and it can stand on its own without tipping over.
• Today I will learn about  John James Audubon. I will use his work to inspire me to make a realistic bird of my choosing.  
• Today I will learn about COLOR, so that I CAN use PAINT to add color to my bird. I’ll know I have it when my bird has multiple coats and all the surface area is painted.

Classroom Activities

Students will learn about John James Audubon, an American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter. He was notable for his extensive studies documenting all types of American birds and for his detailed illustrations that depicted the birds in their natural habitats. Students will be able to use photographs of birds or research on the Kindles, a bird of their choosing, to create their paper mache’ birds. Students will create their armature, followed by applying newspaper and paper mache’ paste. Next, students will apply a base coat of paint and then paint their birds in realistic colors inspired by the photographs. Students will post on Artsonia along with an artist statement.

Students will have an assembly from a spoken word poet to help inspire them. They will create artwork to demonstrate what positive message they learned.


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