K Q4 WK 37-39

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade LevelK
Week #37-38
Unit of Instruction
Standard(s) Taught
 I can create art and share it with others.  VA.K.C.1.1
I can tell you why I made my art this way.  VA.K.C.2.2
I can make art to show ideas in math, science, reading, and social studies.  VA.K.H.3.1
I can create art that shows who I am as part of the community.  VA.K.F.3.1
I can come up with ideas and make pictures based on my memory, imagination, and experiences.  VA.K.O.2.1
I can create works of art to show things that happened to me and my community.  VA.K.O.3.1 
I can use my own ideas to decide how I want to create my art.  VA.K.S.1.2 
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

I can illustrate a picture showing who I am and things that happen to me in my community. I can share and discuss it with my classmates.

Classroom Activities

We will discuss our community and who we are as part of the community and than draw a picture of themselves in their community and share with others. 

Assignments Due
Additional Resources