Q3W23-26 Feb3-26 K

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade LevelK
Week #23-26
Unit of InstructionThiebaud Lollipops;Artist Study, Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, , Form
Standard(s) Taught
  •  I can create art and share it with others.  VA.K.C.1.1
  • I can tell what kind of art a piece of  artwork is.  VA.K.C.2.1
  • I can explore where things go in my art.  VA.K.O.1.1 
  • I can become a better artist by practicing.  VA.K.S.2.1 
  • I can improve my art skills by practicing.  VA.K.S.3.1
  • I can improve my craft skills by practicing.  VA.K.S.3.2



Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


• Today I will learn about PRIMARY and SECONDARY COLORS, so that I CAN mix 2 colors to create a new color.

•Today I will learn about the COLOR WHEEL so that I CAN use it as a tool to help me choose
COLORS to BLEND that are neighbors on the color wheel.
• Today I will learn about FORM, so that I CAN use clay to make a coil in the shape of a 3-D lollipop. 

Classroom Activities

Students will learn about Pop artist, Wayne Thiebaud, and his cheerful paintings of sweets. Students will use clay to create a coil in the shape of a lollipop. We will discuss the color wheel and mix primary colors to create a secondary color. Students will use what they learned and paint their lollipops with their choice of 2 primary colors and having 3 different colors on their lollipops.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources