Kindergarten Q3 Wk20-23

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade LevelK
Week #20-23
Unit of InstructionAfrican Mud Huts
Standard(s) Taught
I can tell what kind of art a piece of  artwork is.  VA.K.C.2.1
I can compare art from different cultures to find how they are different and the same.  VA.K.H.2.1
I can create works of art to show things that happened to me and my community.  VA.K.O.3.1 
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

•Today I will learn about GEOMETRIC SHAPES, so that I CAN cut out rectangles, squares, and triangles to create an African mud hut.
•Today I will learn about COLOR, so that I CAN select tempera paint colors that appear warm and intense to mimic an African sky background.
•Today I will learn about PERSPECTIVE, so that I CAN use a horizon line to make my huts appear closer to the viewer by placing them toward the bottom or make them appear farther away by placing them near to the top of the paper.
•Today I will learn about PATTERN, so that I CAN create different repeating elements as design details on my huts with oil pastel.

Classroom Activities

In celebration of diversity month at Ivy Hawn, we will discuss art from different cultures and students will also learn about some African dwellings. We will discuss the different shapes they see in the African Mud Huts. We will also discuss horizon line, foreground, and background and how to show perspective in their artwork. Following this, student will draw the horizon line, create the foreground and background using oil pastel. They will then paint it using tempera paint. Students will then create their Mud Huts using geometric shapes with construction paper. They will create a pattern on them and glue it all together on the background they created, placing huts at varying heights and those on the bottom appearing closer to the viewer. The huts closer to the horizon line will appear further away from the viewer. Students will have their artwork uploaded to Artsonia. 

Assignments Due
Additional Resources