TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade LevelK
Week #3-4
Unit of InstructionMonochromatic Self-Portrait
Standard(s) Taught
I can create art and share it with others.  VA.K.C.1.1 
I can describe where artwork is displayed in school or other places.  VA.K.H.2.3 
I can create art that shows who I am as part of the community.  VA.K.F.3.1 


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Today I will learn about art elements, LINE and SHAPE, so that I CAN draw a SELF-PORTRAIT.

Today I will learn about the element, color, and use only a monochromatic color scheme to create my self-portrait.

Classroom Activities

Students will learn about some famous artists and their self-portraits. They will use a handout guiding  them through how to make more accurate PROPORTIONS for facial features for their own self-portrait.  They will draw it with pencil, OUTLINE with marker and then color it in a monochromatic color scheme using markers and colored pencils. This will be used for a collaborative display and we will discuss where artwork is located on display. Students will upload their art to Artsonia and add a title. We will also watch a video and discuss where you can see artwork in the community and questions they should ask when looking at art.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources