Kindergarten Q3Wk27-29

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade LevelK
Week #27-29
Unit of InstructionMo Willems Pigeons
Standard(s) Taught
I can make art to show ideas in math, science, reading, and social studies.  VA.K.H.3.1
I can identify other peoples artwork and the ideas they show.  VA.K.S.3.4



Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
• Today I will learn about LINE, so that I CAN draw horizontal, vertical, and curved lines to create my pigeon inspired by the book, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive  the Bus,” by Mo Willems.
• Today I will learn about  SHAPE, so that I CAN draw geometric shapes to create my pigeon and APPLY to the BACKGROUND.that take up most of the space.
• Today I will learn about PATTERN, so that I CAN use repeated elements to create designs using watercolor paint on my background.
• Today I will learn about COLOR, so that I CAN paint my drawing with WATERCOLOR paint to add color to all the background.
Classroom Activities
  • Students will watch the read aloud, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” by Mo Willems. We will discuss the lines and shapes used by the author and  illustrator, Willems, to create the pigeon. Students will then follow a directed line drawing using India ink in bingo daubers to create the shape. They will then paint the bird and the background using watercolor paint. We will upload our work to Artsonia.
Assignments Due
Additional Resources