Q1W1-11 Aug12-Oct21 5th

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level5
Week #1
Unit of InstructionCube Mural Inspired by Street Artist, Thank You X ; Collaboration, Contemporary Artist, Symbolism, Pattern/Chalk Birds;Artist study, Value, Line, Shape, Analogous and Complimentary Color.
Standard(s) Taught

Cube Mural

  • I can develop a range of interests in the art-making process to influence the art I chose to create.  VA.5.C.1.1
  • I can analyze my artwork and explain why I chose to create it.  VA.5.C.2.2
  • I can use the structural elements of art and organizational principles of design when evaluating art.  VA.5.C.3.1
  • I can use art-criticism processes to determine why an artist created a work of art.  VA.5.C.3.2
  • I can discuss artworks found in public places to identify the significance of the work in the community.  VA.5.H.2.3
  • I can create artwork to communicate ideas.  VA.5.F.3.2
  • I can work collaboratively and show leadership skills to complete an art task.  VA.5.F.3.3
  • I can use structural elements of art and organizational principals to develop content in artwork.  VA.5.O.1.1
  • I can organize the structural elements of art to achieve visual unity.  VA.5.O.1.2
  • I can analyze works of art that document people and events from a variety of places and times to get ideas for creating artwork.  VA.5.O.2.1
  • I can create meaningful and unique works of art to effective communicate and document a personal voice.  VA.5.O.3.1
  • I can organize the structural elements of art to support planning, strengthen focus, and implement artistic vision.  VA.5.S.2.1
  • I can visualize the end product to justify artistic choices of tools, techniques, and processes.  VA.5.S.2.3


  • I can use prior knowledge and observation skills to reflect on, analyze, and interpret exemplary works of art.  VA.5.C.1.2
  • I can examine and discuss exemplary works of art to evaluate my own artwork.  VA.5.C.1.3
  • I can revise artwork, and know it’s a necessary part of the creative process.  VA.5.C.2.1
  • I can critique works of art to understand the content and make connections with other content areas.  VA.5.C.3.3
  • I can examine historical and cultural influences that inspire artists and their work.  VA.5.H.1.1
  • I can identify specific works of art that have importance to specific groups or cultures.  VA.5.H.1.3
  • I can explain why some artists are highly respected.  VA.5.H.1.4
  • I can discuss contributions that artists make to society.  VA.5.F.2.3
  • I can follow directions and meet deadlines to complete artwork.  VA.5.F.3.4
  • I can explain how creative and technical ability is used to produce a work of art.  VA.5.O.1.3
  • I can use a variety of sources for ideas to resolve challenges in creating original works.  VA.5.O.2.2
  • I can use media, technology, and other resources to inspire personal art-making decisions.  VA.5.S.1.2
  • I can use tools, media, techniques, and processes in a safe and responsible manner.  VA.5.S.3.3
  • I can use ethical standards and be aware of copyright laws when producing works of art.  VA.5.S.3.4



Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


  • See Above
  • Today I will learn about LINE and SHAPE, so that I CAN draw a REALISTIC bird inspired by artist JOHN JAMES AUDUBON.
    • Today I will learn about COLOR, so that I CAN use CHALK PASTELS to color my drawing. I’ll know I have it when my pastel marks are smooth for a soft blended look. I will learn about ANALOGOUS and COMPLIMENTARY COLOR so that I can blend to achieve the intended look.
    • Today I will learn about VALUE, so that I CAN add black and white to my pastels to achieve light and dark hues.
Classroom Activities


Students will learn about contemporary street artist, Thank You X. We will discuss his works,  in addition the  the structural elements of art and organizational principals. Students will have a choice of media to include; crayons, markers, or colored pencils. The sides of the cube will be any pattern or design that is unique to them. The left side must incorporate your name into the design. Students will upload their work to Artsonia and explain why they made the decisions they did. 

  • Chalk Birds
  •  Students will learn about John James Audubon, an American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter. He was notable for his extensive studies documenting all types of American birds and for his detailed illustrations that depicted the birds in their natural habitats. Students will be able to use photographs of birds or research on the Kindles, a bird of their choosing, to create their chalk birds.  Students will post on Artsonia along with an artist statement.
Assignments Due
Additional Resources