Q1W1 Aug12-19 4th

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level4
Week #1
Unit of InstructionCube Mural Inspired by Street Artist, Thank You X ; Collaboration, Contemporary Artist, Symbolism, Pattern
Standard(s) Taught
  • I can use ideas to put personal meaning into my artwork.  VA.4.C.1.1
  • I can understand and think about works of art based on what I know and observe.  VA.4.C.1.2
  • I can use accurate art vocabulary when analyzing works of art.  VA.4.C.3.1
  • I can describe artworks that honor individuals, groups, events, and/or cultures.  VA.4.H.1.3
  • I can identify reasons to display artwork in public places.  VA.4.H.2.3
  • I can discuss how analytical skills and thinking strategies are used in art and other subject areas.  VA.4.H.3.1
  • I can discuss how artists and designers have made an impact on the community.  VA.4.F.2.1
  • I can identify the work of local artists to become familiar with careers in art.  VA.4.F.2.2
  • I can collaborate with peers in the art room to achieve a common art goal.  VA.4.F.3.2
  • I can demonstrate development of 21st-century skills by completing art in a timely manner.  VA.4.F.3.3
  • I can use the structural elements of art and organizational principles of design to understand the art-making process.  VA.4.O.1.1
  • I can identify the structural elements of art to unite an artistic composition.  VA.4.O.1.2
  • I can apply meaning and relevance to document myself or others in artwork.  VA.4.O.3.1
  • I can correctly use art vocabulary to discuss works of art and the creative process.  VA.4.S.1.4
  • I can organize the structural elements of art to achieve an artistic goal.  VA.4.S.2.1
  • I can demonstrate the ability to use art processes to complete my artwork.  VA.4.S.2.2
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

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Classroom Activities


Students will learn about contemporary street artist, Thank You X. We will discuss his works,  in addition the  the structural elements of art and organizational principals. Students will have a choice of media to include; crayons, markers, or colored pencils. The sides of the cube will be any pattern or design that is unique to them. The left side must incorporate your name into the design. Students will upload their work to Artsonia and explain why they made the decisions they did. 

Assignments Due
Additional Resources