Q1W2-11 Aug20-Oct21 4th Grade

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level4
Week #2-11
Unit of InstructionChalk Pastel Peacock; Indian Culture, Line, Shape, Observation, Color, Value, Complimentary
Standard(s) Taught


  • I can make my art better by using many resources to get ideas.  VA.4.C.2.2
  • I can take ideas from various resources to create unique artworks.  VA.4.C.2.3
  • I can compare the ways artworks and utilitarian objects are created.  VA.4.C.3.2
  • I can describe artworks that honor individuals, groups, events, and/or cultures.  VA.4.H.1.3
  • I can identify differences between artworks and utilitarian objects.  VA.4.H.2.2
  • I can explore and use media, technology, and other art resources to express ideas visually.  VA.4.S.1.2
  • I can discuss the importance of copyright law in relation to art.  VA.4.S.3.4
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• Today I will learn about PEACOCKS, so that I CAN understand their importance in the INDIAN culture and describe at least 3 facts about them.
• Today I will learn about LINE & SHAPE, so that I CAN create an OBSERVATIONAL drawing of a peacock. I’ll know I have it when my shapes are large and easy to color in.
• Today I will learn about CHALK PASTEL and COLOR, so that I CAN blend and smooth colors together achieving VALUE and use COMPLEMENTARY colors for my background.

Classroom Activities

Students will learn about peacocks and their importance to Indian culture. They will draw a peacock by observation, using black oil pastel and color it with chalk pastels. They will choose a complementary color for the background. Last, students will upload their artwork to Artsonia, along with an artist statement. We will also compare artwork with utilitarian objects.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources