Q1W2-11 Aug20-Oct21 4th Grade

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level4
Week #2-11
Unit of InstructionChalk Pastel Peacock; Indian Culture, Line, Shape, Observation, Color, Value, Complimentary
Standard(s) Taught


  • I can make my art better by using many resources to get ideas.  VA.4.C.2.2
  • I can take ideas from various resources to create unique artworks.  VA.4.C.2.3
  • I can compare the ways artworks and utilitarian objects are created.  VA.4.C.3.2
  • I can describe artworks that honor individuals, groups, events, and/or cultures.  VA.4.H.1.3
  • I can identify differences between artworks and utilitarian objects.  VA.4.H.2.2
  • I can explore and use media, technology, and other art resources to express ideas visually.  VA.4.S.1.2
  • I can discuss the importance of copyright law in relation to art.  VA.4.S.3.4
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• Today I will learn about PEACOCKS, so that I CAN understand their importance in the INDIAN culture and describe at least 3 facts about them.
• Today I will learn about LINE & SHAPE, so that I CAN create an OBSERVATIONAL drawing of a peacock. I’ll know I have it when my shapes are large and easy to color in.
• Today I will learn about CHALK PASTEL and COLOR, so that I CAN blend and smooth colors together achieving VALUE and blend colors (ANALOGOUS/ COMPLEMENTARY ) to achieve my desired effect.  .

Classroom Activities

Students will learn about peacocks and their importance to Indian culture. They will draw a peacock by observation, using black oil pastel and color it with chalk pastels. They will choose a complementary color for the background. Last, students will upload their artwork to Artsonia, along with an artist statement. We will also compare artwork with utilitarian objects.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources