Q1W8 1st Grade

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level1st
Week #8
Unit of InstructionO'Keeffe Poppies
Standard(s) Taught
  • I can find clues to help me understand and think about art. VA.1.C.1.2
  • I can tell you how an idea gets turned into art. VA.1.C.2.1
  • I can describe the ways artists use their work to share knowledge and life experiences.  VA.1.H.1.3
  • I can describe how art is used to share information about the community.  VA.1.F.3.1
  • I can be respectful of other people’s art.  VA.1.S.3.4
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
1st Grade
    • Learn about Georgia O’Keeffe and her flower paintings
    • Work with Georgia O’Keeffe’s style
    • Increased awareness by drawing and using oil pastel to make an object larger than life
    • Today I will learn about LINE and COLOR and SPACE, so that I CAN create a FLOWER in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. I’ll know I have it when I have my flower fills the paper and I can see all of the details of the flower shapes. 
    • Today I will learn about TEMPERA PAINT, so that I CAN blend at least 2 colors to make my flower. 
Classroom Activities

All students will learn about why the poppy came to symbolize the sacrifices of World War I soldiers and later all those killed in military service to their country.  They will make poppies for the Poppy Wall of Valor to pay homage to the ultimate sacrifice made by members of the Eighth Air Force. The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force hopes to collect 26,000 red paper poppies from students across America. For more information:


Students will watch a read aloud, “My Name Is Georgia” and a video, “Who was Georgia O’Keefe for Kids.” We will discuss what we learned and make a Bubble Map. Students will then  draw and then paint close-up poppies. Visual aids will be available.  They will draw and paint petals mixing red with yellow and  add a stamen by cutting out construction paper and gluing it to the center. 

ESE Support: Video, partner assist, visual sheet of several different poppy flowers, Bubble Map

Assignments Due
Additional Resources