Q2W10 Oct 22nd-Nov16th 2nd Grade

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary art
Grade Level2
Week #11-14
Unit of InstructionChengdu Panda Bear; Form, Value, Space
Standard(s) Taught
I can make good decisions when making art. VA.2.C.2.1
I can identify good art skills in peers and others. VA.2.C.2.2
I can use suggestions from others to improve my art. VA.2.C.2.3
I can use art vocabulary to make connections to other subject areas. VA.2.C.3.1
I can appreciate having many solutions to solve an artistic problem. VA.2.F.1.2
I can use appropriate art vocabulary to discuss art. VA.2.S.1.4
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Today I will learn about FORM, so that I CAN create the ILLUSION OF FORM on the branch in my artwork by adding a HIGHLIGHT to the top of the branch and a SHADOW on the bottom and blending in the middle.
  • Today I will learn about VALUE, so that I CAN create LIGHT and DARK areas in my artwork by BLENDING CHALK PASTELS.
  • Today I will learn about SPACE, so that I CAN create DEPTH in my artwork by drawing foliage in the FOREGROUND, a branch and panda bear in the MIDDLEGROUND and a moon in the BACKGROUND.
Classroom Activities

We will watch and discuss a read aloud, “Chengdu Could Not, Would Not, Fall Asleep,” by Barney Saltzberg. We will discuss Form, Space, and Value. Students will then draw the panda and branches with chalk. Student will demonstrate the illusion of Form by using highlights and shadows  on the branches. Once completely colored, students will upload their work on Artsonia, along with an Artist Statement.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources