Q2W11-21 Oct 24-Jan24 3rd Grade

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level3rd
Week #11-20
Unit of InstructionFlamingo Painting
Standard(s) Taught
I can use different materials and subject matters to create imaginative artwork.  VA.3.F.1.1  
I can show how organization and design are used to arrange my artwork.  VA.3.O.1.1
I can use art vocabulary correctly.  VA.3.S.1.4
I can use the structure, organization, steps, and techniques of art.  VA.3.S.2.1 
I can develop craftsmanship skills by practicing.  VA.3.S.3.2 
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will blend colors using multiple mediums such as PlayColor Sticks and watercolors. Students will use both wet-on-wet and dry brush techniques when creating this flamingo image.

Classroom Activities
  • We will examine images of flamingos and talk about the multiple colors that we see in the bird other than pink. Practicing this drawing first will increase self-confidence in students’ abilities. We will discuss and demonstrate wet-on-wet vs. dry brush techniques. 
  • With the PlayColor sticks, students will draw the head, body, neck and wings of the flamingo. 
  • They will apply water to the lower half of the page and add blue to the wet paper. Then dampen the rest of the page with water. Use watercolor to fill the rest of the background. This technique is called ‘wet-on-wet’. 
  • Use  Sharpie markers and watercolor pencils to bring out all of the details in the bird. This includes the eyes, beak, and legs. Feather details are optional.
  • Use a dry brush method to add the jungle surroundings such as plants, leaves, vines, and additional detail in the water. Students can choose to make their work more realistic.
Assignments Due
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