Q2W12-23 Nov5-Feb5 5th Grade

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level5
Week #13-23
Unit of InstructionKimmy Cantrell/ Picasso Masks; Color, Shape, Texture
Standard(s) Taught
 I can revise artwork, and know it’s a necessary part of the creative process.  VA.5.C.2.1
I can identify specific works of art that have importance to specific groups or cultures.  VA.5.H.1.3
I can compare works of art based on style, culture, or artist across time.  VA.5.H.2.1
I can discuss how skills learned in making and analyzing art can be used to solve problems in other areas.  VA.5.H.3.1
I can examine and experiment with traditional or non-traditional uses of media to apply imaginative techniques in two- and three-dimensional artworks.  VA.5.F.1.1
I can discuss contributions that artists make to society.  VA.5.F.2.3
I can analyze works of art that document people and events from a variety of places and times to get ideas for creating artwork.  VA.5.O.2.1
I can use a variety of sources for ideas to resolve challenges in creating original works.  VA.5.O.2.2
I can create artworks to depict personal, cultural, and/or historical themes.  VA.5.S.1.3
I can use art vocabulary to communicate about works of art and artistic and creative processes.  VA.5.S.1.4
I can organize the structural elements of art to support planning, strengthen focus, and implement artistic vision.  VA.5.S.2.1
I can use craftsmanship and technical ability in my artworks to show improvement.  VA.5.S.3.2
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


  • Identify relief sculpture
  • Identify Cubism
  • Students will gain an overview of the art of and style of Pablo Picasso and Kimmy Cantrell.
  • Students will be able to identify the work of Pablo Picasso and Kimmy Cantrell
  • Students will analyze works of art by Picasso and Cantrell
  • Identify texture, color, and organic shapes
  • Students will compare Cantrell and Picasso’s works of art
  • Students will construct a cardboard relief sculpture using cardboard
Classroom Activities
  1. Students will view a power point. Class discussion will occur and discussion will be held on analyzing and comparing the artists’ works of art.
  2. Students will do a small activity in their sketchbooks creating a Picasso and Cantrell styled portraits using construction paper and markers, directions will be followed by the teacher and students will create 8 different parts of a face. The pieces will be drawn, cut out, and then pasted on an organic shape used for the face. Students will discuss and switch projects and talk amongst their peers.
  3. Students will create a  relief sculpture piece  inspired by Pablo Picasso and Cantrells works of art. Students will create their own portrait using shape, color, and texture as their main elements of design.
  4. The next step, is to think about our use of color.  Students will be asked to enhance their mask by adding expressive colors. Finally, the cardboard stage.  Students will transfer their design to cardboard. 
Assignments Due
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