Q3W21-24Jan21-Feb11 1st

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level1
Week #21-24
Unit of InstructionBritto Hearts;Artist study, Color(Warm, Cool), Pattern, Shape, Line
Standard(s) Taught
I can use different art materials and ways of making art to see how it changes my artwork.  VA.1.C.2.2 
I can compare artworks from different cultures.  VA.1.H.2.1 
I can use different materials and real or original choices to create artwork.  VA.1.F.1.1 
I can follow the teacher’s directions to create art projects.  VA.1.F.3.2 
I can experiment with different materials and ways of making art to express ideas.  VA.1.S.1.1 
I can use art vocabulary to talk about art.  VA.1.S.1.4
I can use my art skills to make 2-D and 3-D art.  VA.1.S.3.1 
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Today I will learn about Brazilian artist Romero Britto, so that I can create an original piece full of bright colors, bold composition, thick black lines, and patterns.
  • Today I will learn about pattern,  so that I can repeat a variety of lines or shapes in each section of my heart.
  • Today I will learn about warm and cool colors and use warm or cool colors in each section of my heart.
Classroom Activities

Students will use ink daubers filled with India ink to create a  heart based on the characteristics of Brazilian artist, Romero Britto.  Students will study line, shapes, pattern and color and use these Art Elements to complete their drawings. Finally, the students will write about their artwork and justify decisions made about content and formal qualities.

Day  1. We will review the Element of Art line. Students will work in groups and observe a number of images produced by Romero Britto.  They will be asked to identify common features of his art (simple shapes and lines, bright colors, sections divided by thick black lines, patterns) and write them down. 

At the carpet, we will watch a video about the Romero Britto and compare some of his work to to Pablo Picassos Cubist work, looking for similarities.  We will discuss patterns they observe in Britto’s artwork and what patterns they could come up with as well.

At their tables, students will work on a planning sheet, coming up with a variety of line or shape patterns. 

Day 2. We will review Romero Britto’s style, lines, shapes, and patterns. Students will  finish  their planning sheet and create a heart using a template and divide the heart into sections using bingo daubers,  applying thick black lines. They will put patterns of their choosing into each section. 

Day3 and 4. We will study warm and cool colors more in depth. Students will learn about the color wheel and how certain colors are created when mixing them. They will complete their composition using bleeding art tissue.  They are to apply warm or cool colored tissue in each section of their heart with a paintbrush and water. Last, students will create a unique background of their choosing with Paint Stix.  Upon completion, students will grade themselves with an Art Rubric.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources